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About Soumya B Hegde

I always say this to my clients ” Believe in yourself first, your abilities, strength, then you are unstoppable ”  Take one step at a time. Because When I Can Any One Can.
I started this business 3 years back with a mission to bring smiles on people who are battling with depression, low confidence, lack of motivation due to weight issues, health issues, hormonal issues. Who can relate to me, and I wanted to connect with them to make them more confident by making them fitter, healthier, happier by motivating them more and more while they are under my coaching.
After my years of hardwork and self discovery I realised that best thing is to create a sustainable workout routines with regular home cooked food. Specific diets, Therapeutic diets I give only to clients with metabolic disorders, hormonal issues, obesity. And people with goals like muscle gain, healthy weight gain, fat loss. I follow different protocol for different clients based on their body type etc.
I am an ACE (American Council on Exercise) Certified Nutritionist and Fitness Trainer for over three years.
In just three years, I have transformed the lives of thousands of people across the world. I have different working hours for Indian and Abroad Clients( US, UK, Europe, Australia, Middle East,UAE, Singapore etc).

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Ginger Tea

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