call for consultation

Thanks so much for enquiring for our services at BFit With Soumya Online Coaching. My name is Soumya B Hegde and I’ll be conducting your consultation, going over your application, an overview of the coaching service, answering your questions and well getting to know you to make sure we’re a good fit.

I would like to know the time and day you’re available for a 30 minutes Call. if you confirm we will go ahead with the same? 

It can be done via: telephonic call, What’sApp Call, let me know which one suits you and the relevant contact information and I will get you added.

To confirm your booking please follow the below steps, Call Consultation Charges are Rs 100.

If you don’t sign up it will be a small price for what will be a very comprehensive consultation and hopefully this acts as an incentive for you to get the most from our chat