frequently asked questions

You can enroll in any of our programs here. Additionally, you can write to us here and we will help you out.

There is absolutely no straight answer to this questions, as fat loss or physique transformation has so many variables, like age, health, medical issues, injuries, metabolism, current caloric intake, current activity levels, medications etc. So, as you can see, someone’s fat loss or results is largely dependent on all these factors, plus more. However, this is not to say, we can’t give you some sort of timeline. But one thing I could say is even if you follow 85-90% of what’s told you can expect an average weight loss of 700-900 grams every 7th to 10th day which could obviously be more or less depending on the metabolism ad other important factors.

All your communication will be via Email, Facebook Messenger OR Instagram Messenger. Whatsapp facility is for specific packages only kindly refer to the my programs regarding the same.

No, not really you can always opt for home workout option and you will get good enough results.

Yes, during your tenure with me at any point you feel it’s too difficult to continue and you wish to pause the plan. You can for a period of 15 days not beyond that