Premium Long Plans

(For Long Lasting Permanent Results)

(Most Popular Programs among thousands of Clients Across the Globe from 3 Years)

Who Should Try?

Premium Long Plans are for those who wants to lose lots of weight and get maintenance diet at the end of the program to maintain the lost weight.
For post pregnancy weightloss(Diastasis Recti Issues Correction)
Hormonal issues(pcod/pcos thyroid), health issues(diabetes,BP, Cholesterol gastritis), Obesity, Injuries, knee pain, low energy and stamina issues. 
People with specific goals like, muscle gain, healthy weight gain, who wants to lose weight and get in shape for any specific event like marriage, contests etc

Program Features

  • One on One Coaching by Soumya
  • Goal Specific and Maintenance 
  • Quick Response time 
  • Customised Diet Plans 
  • (Post Pregnancy Weight loss, considering health issues like PCOD/PCOS, Thyroid, Diabetes, High Cholesterol, BP, Gallbladder Surgery, Gastritis, Obesity )
  • Customised Exercise Plans(Considering Injuries,knee pain,energy,stamina and strength levels)
  • Weekly Check ins with pics and 
  • Unlimited follow ups and Daily supervision on Diet and Exercise Routines 
  • Unlimited Personal Attention 
  • Maintenance Diet at the End of the Program

Benefits of Premium Long Plans

  • 12 to 22 kgs of weight loss in 3 to 6 Months Program respectively.
  • Lots of Inch loss on over all body.
  • Body Toning, shape 
  • Desired Different Goals are achieved.
  • Improvement in Skin Colour, Hair Texture, Glow on Face, improvement in energy, stamina, strength and fitness levels.
  • Once you finish the program you can still lose some more weight from the knowledge you gained during the coaching And you will be soo happy that you will start referring people 😁 !!!